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Tree Healthcare & Preservation

Is your beloved tree looking a little under the weather? There’s a chance that it’s not getting the nutrients it needs from the soil it lives in. Possum’s Tree Service prides itself on performing all fertilizer prescriptions according to ANSI A300 Best Management Practices for Tree and Shrub Fertilization.




Done correctly and in most cases in combination with pruning, fertilizing can breathe new life and vigor into a stressed tree or shrub. Done incorrectly, under-application can result in little or no improvement to the tree health, while over-application can have lethal effects on the tree and be harmful to our environment.

Without exception, all fertilizer applications are performed only after determining the nutrient needs of your tree or shrub. This is done by analyzing soil core and/or foliar samples to check the quantities of minerals and elements contained in them.


No more ‘hit or miss’ generic fertilizing spreading, spraying or injecting. Possum’s Tree Service wants to give your tree precisely what it needs to flourish from calculating the most appropriate fertilizer delivery method to the rate of application.


Possum’s Tree Service is pleased to offer your trees the full service, customized feeding solution that’s just right for your trees.