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BioBarrier® Root Control Systems
(pre-construction or retrofit)


Developers and architects of homes and commercial building have long considered trees an enemy of their hard work. This is in part because the root system of a mature tree has the ability to undermine manmade structures by invading and displacing the supporting soil beneath the cement slabs of homes and roads. This leads to cracking and structural instability. In the past – since trees have been the perceived problem, commonly the solution was to remove as many trees from the construction site as possible.


By installing biobarrier® root control systems it is now possible to guarantee the protection of new and established buildings from invading root systems while allowing nearby valuable trees and shrubs to thrive and add energy saving shade, esthetic appeal and value to your property.

Biobarrier® from Fiberweb™ works differently from traditional rigid or synthetic plastic barriers that seals off and smothers the root system. Biobarrier® is a bio-textile fabric that allows moisture and nutrients to pass through the fabric of the barrier while using a unique chemical that inhibits the growth of roots that come within 1 – 2 inches of the barrier. Biobarrier® installations are the most cost effective and proven way of protecting both your green and gray investments and come with a written 15 year warranty.



Whether you are a home-owner that needs a retrofit to protect your existing structure or a smart developer / architect who is able to see the potential profitability of including established native trees into the development process, biobarrier® root control systems can bring harmonization to the needs of both environments.