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Tree Removal

The roots of a mature tree can take up to 400 gallons of water per day out of the soil that it occupies, which can cause soil /moisture displacement and can lead to subsidence of your home’s slab, sidewalk or driveway. In some circumstances removing the encroaching tree is the most viable and effective solution to protect your slab. Sometimes it’s more desirable to abate an invasive root system in which case Possum’s Tree Service also installs root barriers that are guaranteed effective for at least 15 years. Our root barriers allow water, air and nutrients to pass through the barrier, making them available to the tree, while chemicals impregnated into the barrier prevent the roots from coming into contact with it. Why not call us for a free root barrier estimate today.


Some species of trees are ‘weaker’ than others during severe weather events and are more susceptible to entire structural failure or major limb shedding. This is due to several factors such as the tree’s flexibility and its ability to shed leaves in high wind. According to Hallie Dozier and Steven Wright of LSU Ag.Center, one such common species that has demonstrated poor performance in high winds is Southern Red Oak (Quercus falcata). Click Here to read the full article.


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Trees are one of our most valuable natural resources. The decision to remove a tree can be a difficult one and should not be taken lightly. As is often the case though, trees can become a hazard to our lives and property. When deciding to remove a tree, consider the following points.


Trees with large diameter canopies can provide energy saving shade to your home during summer months. Consider having a licensed and insured professional arborist prune the tree to reduce the overall weight of the crown, keep it in good health and reduce the risk of its structural failure.


Mature trees, even ones that appear healthy that have grown too large and too close to our homes or living spaces can be a cause for concern and for some - sleepless nights during severe weather or hurricane season.


Consider removing a tree that has signs of disease or decline especially if its size presents a risk and is in close proximity to your home.


Remember that even a healthy tree can fall, shed major limbs at any time or become uprooted during severe weather conditions.

No Hidden Extras

All our prices for pruning or tree removal include hauling away all debris created by the job, but some or all of the debris can be left on site upon your request.

Courtesy to You

Need some firewood for your home or camp in preparation for those winter months? Provided you advise our sales team in advance of the job. As a courtesy to you, our skilled chainsaw crew will gladly transform a portion of your tree debris into firewood size logs and stack them for you ready for splitting.